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Делимся шедеврами
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To accomplish this we retained a third-party scaffolding consultant to design a joist-supported scaffolding system. With this system we were able to temporarily suspend the storm and sanitary systems http://wallswalls.herobo.com from the ceiling joists above the automated racks, which permitted construction work to continue while allowing the client's employees to work safely and without interruption. Ultimately, by using this system we were able to reroute the sanitary system and the primary and overflow storm system in the existing facility with zero hours of lost productivity to the client.
Employees operating in the existing office space forced us to change our approach as well. The original plan was to tie the new addition to the http://superbalka.net46.net existing wall with a bolt on truss system that would serve as support framing for the first and second floors and roof of the new http://postroj.comoj.com office. This would have required many small penetrations through the existing wall and forced us destroy the finishes on the existing wall's interior. This work would have generated substantial noise for some time in the existing office, keeping the call center and sales group from being able to do their work on the phones.
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Форум » SUSHI CAT » Основной форум » Делимся шедеврами
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